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Civil Law

Real Estate:

Real estate transactions. Monitoring contracts. Checking contracts in the land registry and land management agencies. Business building. Claims, pre-action claim letter requirements relating to real estate. Legal protection of possessions and property rights.

Register of properties:

Applications and registrations of property rights. Amendments and registration in the land registry. Inheritance cases: Identification of violations and revocation of a will. Consent and renunciation of a succession by an heir. Inheritance of damage.


Leasing contracts. Commercial Rent. Leasehold disputes.


Citizenship. Residence permit. Legal advice to determine the appropriate category of residence permit. Claims and recourse against decision in court.

Family disputes:

Divorce. Request for divorce by mutual agreement with the possibility of representation of both spouses. Agreement on the care and accommodation of children after divorce. Alimony obligations. Recognition and violation of fatherhood. Adoption, custody and guardianship. Disputes in accidents. Drafting pleadings and complaints. Debt collection.

Commercial and Corporate Law

Foundation of private and corporate enterprises, such as LLC, OJSC, CJSC, etc. Corporate actions. Recommendations to societies, associations and cooperatives. Drawing up the charter. Banking contract. Property rights of the bank.

Labour law

Labour accidents. Disputes about the recovery of wages and compensation for moral harm. Claims of charges and benefits, employment contracts, collective redundancies and general issues of labor relations.

Criminal law

Bringing of a suit and prosecution. Protection of the interests in the criminal courts. Representing the interests of the civil party in criminal proceedings.

Administrative Law

Taking an appeal from notices of fines, administrative sanctions, violations of customs regulations and general tax issues. Claims under the lawsuit, claim settlement at all levels of the administrative courts.

Tax and Insurance Law

Insurance and pension disputes. Pension rights, submission of applications and supporting documents for a pension.

Industrial property

Verification, registration and maintenance of the patent. Protection of distinctive signs.

Copyright law

Maintenance and protection of copyright and related rights.


The Attorneys carries out official translations from / into English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and other languages​​, as well as translations of court sessions etc.

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